T-shirts for large dogs

Written by Alice Walker

It is not just enough to have your large dog as a best friend. But it would be a great idea to get it a t-shirt or a jumper as you shop around for your kid’s clothes. Dressing your large dog is not anything to be embarrassed about. In any case, there is never a problem with having clothes on your dog as long as they are comfortable with it.

Now let’s explore some of the main reasons you may need to get a t-shirt for your dog.


Reasons to Buy a T-shirt for your Large Dog


Most dogs are born with an extra fur layer of protection against cold weather. However, not all dogs have that capability due to sickness, genetic composition, young or old age. Below is more to why you will need to shop around for your dog’s outfits.


  • Health Issues


If your dog is suffering from the hypothyroidism, a disease that inhibits the growth of hair, a t-shirt will be essential to keep her warm. Moreover, if your dog has a weak immune system because of age or illness, a t-shirt is necessary.

  • Hairless Dogs


If your dog’s fur is cropped, it definitely won’t be enough to keep him warm, especially during winter. Also, if the dog has a slim body that doesn’t generate enough heat to keep warm, a t-shirt will be a wise decision.


  • Cold Weather


Individuals that have large pooches and live in regions that are exceptionally cold will need dog t-shirts to help them keep up with the cold.


  • Cleanliness


Making your large dog put on a t-shirt will limit the number of times you will need to wash it. This ensures that the dog won’t take up much dirt on its fur when he goes for outdoor rounds.


Tips on Large T-shirts for Dogs

As you purchase a t-shirt for your large dog, there are a number of tips you will need to have in mind. These include;

  • It is important to ensure that you don’t buy your pooch a t-shirt with hanging zippers, hooks or tags. He may get trapped in the bushes. Another reason you want to avoid these is that your dog may end up chewing them.


  • Don’t forget to get the correct fit for your large pooch. A fit that’s too tight or too loose may interfere with your dog’s mobility.


  • Also, you should know that it is not all dogs are accustomed to wearing t-shirts. Some of them find it quite uncomfortable, and they might not like it the first time they have it on. If this is the kind of dog you have, you can try to familiarize it with a dog t-shirt by having it wear it for a few minutes around the home.


If you have been skeptical about dressing up your dog, you now know dog’s clothing is quite important when winter comes knocking. However, you should note that if your large dog’s breed is Akitas, Newfoundlands, Siberian huskies or Pomeranians you may not need a t-shirt for them because they cope with cold weather excellently.


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